SPA treatments

Trust the experienced SPA therapists in Apart Hotel Sirona 3 * Razlog and enjoy exfoliating and nourishing body therapies, soothing and hydrating face masks and indulge in relaxing and healing massages that will make you return to your daily rest and recharged

SPA and complete relaxation

Enjoy various Spa rituals, therapies and procedures with carefully selected products. In the SPA center of Apart Hotel Sirona 3 * Razlog you will have an unforgettable SPA experience, which will be the culmination of your vacation and one of the reasons to come back to us.

Island magic from Thalgo – Fruit body peeling /25 min./ – EUR 17.90

This two-phase body scrub with white sand from Bora Bora, sea salt, coconut shells and vegetable oils, removes dead skin cells, while smoothing the skin, nourishes it deeply and leaves it delicately perfumed.

Natural mud body mask from Thalgo /25 min./ – EUR 17.90

Natural Dead Sea mud, rich in calcium and magnesium, which smoothes the skin, relieves muscle and joint pain, while enriching the body with minerals.

HAMMAM massage with aromatic foam /40 min./ – EUR 25.56

The aromatic foam cleanses and refreshes the skin, and the massage regenerates the body thanks to special therapeutic techniques.

Sultan’s HAMMAM /100 min./ – EUR 51.13

Exclusive ritual, combining oriental peeling, hammam massage with aromatic foam, body mask and partial body massage. A unique delight, combining purity, water, warmth and aromas.

Oriental KESE peeling /30 min./ – EUR 20.45

The hammam is a unique ritual for relaxation and detoxification of the body. Oriental KESE peeling is a delicate peeling, which is performed with special movements that relax the body and muscles and remove dead cells from the whole body. It awakens the skin to new life, makes it soft and supple, while stimulating cell regeneration.

Soothing face mask /20 min./ – EUR 15.34

Refreshing mask with double soothing effect. Removes the feeling of hypersensitivity. Aloe vera extract relieves discomfort and a feeling of tightness.

Moisturizing face mask /20 min./ – EUR 17.90

Enriched with the SAVE BLUE complex from the ocean and two types of hyaluronic acid, the mask hydrates each layer of the epidermis. The skin becomes smooth, supple and radiant.

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